My first track day!!!
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Thread: My first track day!!!

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    My first track day!!!

    I'm excited and nervous - really don't want to bin the new baby! Any tips from the veterans out there?

    Also if anybody wants to tag along I am riding to the track in Spokan for the Monday track day. I think we have a support vehicle coming too, with a trailer and more bikes.

    Bike prep required:

    -Rad flush (no glycol)
    -Tape head/tail lights and indicators (we have clear duct tape for runs to the gas station! )
    -Remove mirrors

    That's it!

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    Tips: Most crashes happen in the morning when you dont know the track, and arnt warmed up. And the afternoon when you are tired and over confident
    Take it easy at first, just after or before mid day 'should' be your hardest laps, then progressivly take it easier as the day goes on.

    dont be overconfident of your concentration.

    drink lots of water

    take breaks

    dont race, ride for yourself

    work on your skills

    learn the lines then worry about other things, like speed/technique

    all common sense stuff i guess.

    oh, dont be intimidated by the track, stay loose.
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    Re: My first track day!!!

    Originally posted by Shylock
    -Tape head/tail lights and indicators (we have clear duct tape for runs to the gas station! )
    Please use something other than clear (or white) tape for your tail-lights...I hate seeing brake-lights going on and off, it's distracting.

    ...or you can just disconnect the fuse, I guess.
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    Duct tape is cheap. Just peel it off for gas runs and redo it when you return.

    Be sure to do a good 5 or 6 parade laps where speed of any sort isn't an issue. There's two corners where you come into them over a crest and can't see where they are until you're at the apex. If you're out of line it could be nasty if you're running at much speed.

    Other than that Harps nailed it. There's no cheap dust collector at stake and 99.9 % of the guys are gentlemen at these deals. Just keep to your line even if it IS wrong so the others can pass safely. Rapid corrections that are more in your mind than needed can really cause problems. Just be smooth and deliberate in all you do.

    But you'll hear all that down there again. Hook up with us when we are down there and one of us can play leader for a few laps for ya.
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    dont try to pass racers

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    Thanks guys. I think the biggest thing is the bike for me. I knew my F3 inside and out... but I'm still trying to get used to the TL.

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    Pull the fuse for the headlight. You'll be left with a big goopy mess underneath if you leave it on taped up. Have fun. Obviously ride a comfortable pace where you'll stand the best chance of being able to ride your new baby home. Follow a veteran that's taking it easy for the first part of the day. Watch what they do (body positioning and racing lines) and try learn from what they do right. Have fun.

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