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    Summer time

    With the weather finally getting better we are spending alot more time in the outdoors.
    Those of us with children are trying to get them away from the t.v. and video games so they can get some color and exercise.

    It is a good time to explain(or remind) our kids of the dangers of finding needles or other harmful items.

    I live in Cloverdale now and for the most part is nothing like the rest of Surrey.

    I pulled into the Chevron on the corner of 64th and 176th with my kids to grab a couple of "squishies" . When we got out, my oldest son(10) noticed a needle on the ground next to where we parked. He immediately told me and the lady that worked there.

    Some kids unfamiliar with such objects might find the looks of a needle appealing and pick it up. Its cool looking with numbers and stuff so who can blame them.

    Please tell you kids of these dangers.

    Have a safe summer.
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    Very valid comments.

    Let's have a safe and happy summer

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