Should I buy a used bike or a new bike as my first bike??
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Thread: Should I buy a used bike or a new bike as my first bike??

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    Should I buy a used bike or a new bike as my first bike??

    Hi there,

    I am a new rider and am in the process of completing my riding school. I already have my learners and passed the initial slow speed test (thus I have no restrictions).

    The question I have is should I buy a new bike as my first bike or should I buy a used bike. I have already heard sound arguments and reasoning for both sides but I am just wondering what advice you pros can give because this dilemma is consuming ed my brain. New or used for first bike?

    Take Care Ronin

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    Buy a used bike. Not just because as a new rider you are more likely to have an accident (don't get discouraged ) but it is a good way to learn to do your own maintenance. Learning to do your own maintenance is just as important as learning riding skills IMHO. It comes in handy for doing roadside repairs if necessary. Good Luck
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    well, yeah ,always 2 groups of ppl .but i would think it better to get a used one to practice this season ,by season end you would have gain alot more skills and properly know what you really can handle ,than get the one you like.

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    Used- save on taxes if you buy private. it's the only way to buy.

    as much as i like dealerships, it just doesn't make sense to buy used bikes from them for the most part.

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    if you passed the slow speed test but not the road test you still have restrictions....
    you should buy 3 new bikes

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    It's this simple. If you have a lot of money, who cares, buy a new bike. If you don't, buy a bike that is a comprimise between what you want and what you can afford. I love the peace of mind of new bikes (you know the full history from day one) but there's lots of good used bikes out there. You will lose thousands the minute that new bike rolls out the door. Considering the savings, I would buy used. If that's the road you choose, learn as much as you can about the model you want and ask some people with experience what to look for to pick a good buy.

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    yup, u got the money to spare then get whatever u want but if ur like most ppl who get choked by losing a grand at poker then get the older bike. unless u dun care bout stratches

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    You are unlikely to pick the perfect bike on your first purchase anyway so unless money is no object (in which case please mail me a cheque for $1,000 for this advice) then buy a used one that has already taken the initial big depreciation hit. Then after you've ridden for a season you can sell if for most of what you paid for it (if you kept it rubber side down) and buy a new bike that has the better (seat height/ comfort/ turn-in/ power/ whatever winds your clock) features that your first bike didn't have.

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