Did anyone here crash?
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Thread: Did anyone here crash?

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    Did anyone here crash?

    Some friends and i went for a long, spirited ride up the 101 past sechelt today. Up in the area a little past pendor harbour, one of the local shop owners mentioned a bike had crashed earlier this morning. As we passed a relatively tight corner, i saw two bikes on their sidestands off on a side road sitting by themselves. One was a blue R6/R1, the other was something red that i couldn't identify. Just hoping that the person turned out ok.

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    It was me - broken collarbone, cant type more.
    Jody - R1 GIRL
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    ouch sorry to head that Jody what happened?
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    Everyone is in good spirits. Bikes a little worse for wear.
    Glad everyone could help out that was there.

    PS... Special thanks to SquamishR1 and R1isfun for their time
    and effort recovering the bikes.
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    Ouch, heal well Jody....

    Hope the bike heals as quickly as you do.
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    its closer now Array SILVER_6R's Avatar
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    NONE--911 C2
    get well soon Jody...

    hope it doesnt hurt too much?!
    R.I.P. Dan and Cody

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    r1's is fast

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    Sorry to hear that... What happenned?

    Hope you heal up fast... Bikes can be fixed.

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    The other was a red F4i. Arfay fell into the ditch after Jody crashed. Hope you get well soon Jody~

    Arfay was a little more lucky that she fell on a soft spot and only got some cuts and bruises.

    Ride safe y'all
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    Awwwww shitty deal Jody, hope your healed up quickly,
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    To bad Jody, hope you heal soon.
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    Ouch collarbone, R1 Girl
    Arfay is on the board as well right ? Vivian I think her name is ?

    Well, get well soon ladies, both of you.

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    Shitty to hear that. How long before you are back on the road? It will all get better. Speedy recovery to you

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    Thats the shits Jody
    Will ya be able to make the next stunt day at the Airport?
    To watch of corse
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