R.I.P. Geoff Duke
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Thread: R.I.P. Geoff Duke

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    Down here

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    Nice post!

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    When we were vintage racing at Westwood in the late 80's we flew Geoff out for the weekend. Absolute prince of a man. Never forget the evening we sat in a house here in Langley and played the Castrol video of the year he won the double (350 cc and 500cc) as he narrated the whole film. We also had a Q & A in the pits one evening, and I recall a man coming up to him and saying he had been sitting at turn so & so at a such and such a track in 195whatever and remembered how Geoff had laid a stipe down on each lap right on top of the one from the previous lap. Geoff casually remarked "except on lap 3 when I went round the outside of so and so" He could instantly recall every race in detail from his whole career. An amazing man, and a privilege to have spent some time with him.

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    lovely tribute. I'll admit to not being very familiar with him, be he certainly seems to have been 'the man' in the early 50s. and it was a revelation to me that Duke Videos was founded by his son, Peter, altho the logic is apparent.
    nice post, thanks.
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    Fukk 'resting in peace' ... I'd say party hearty wherever your soul ends up, and carve those eternal apexes at the nearest track at light-speeds !!
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    a friend of mine just shared this, some may enjoy it, includes a brief interview with his son, Peter Duke... The Final Lap

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