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    Bike Down

    The corner of seymour?where the mc donalds is, off granville street.
    Silver and White Whip. I hope your good.
    looked for ya but there were only clean up crew guys there.

    Shit ,your heart must be pounding!!!AHHHHHHHHH the adrenaline.Good aint it?

    When it comes...and it will,tighten your knees bow your head and smile cause your busting into the neather world on a METAL DRAGON.

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    SORRY,IM asuming you are alright...on a serious note,hope you are Bro/Sis

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    Anyone know about this one yet, who it was, and yes, hope your O.K. too.

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    I was there. Around 12:30 AM. Late model CBR 600 I think. Saw buddy burn through the intersection just before the accident. Thought to myself ,"That dude is going to bail flying through busy traffic at that speed"...then I heard the sound of fairings scraping and snapping.

    Didn't actually see the accident. Just ran to the scene after I heard the bike go down to see if buddy was okay. He was up and a little shocked. I helped the bike up and moved it off to the side of the road.

    Dude seemed okay. Minor scuff on the forearm and a little shaken up. Let's just say he was lucky as fuck cuz the front end of the bike was pretty messed up. Front headlight destroyed, upper and lowers pretty much destroyed, clip on snapped, rear break lever bent, little mini rad not where its supposed to be, non-rotatable handlebars etc. Not sure if the forks were bent.

    I think he put it down under hard braking and then slid into the car in front if him. Didn't seem to hit the car very hard as there was not much damage to the car from what I could see.

    I left after the paramedics came.

    Hope buddy is okay.

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