Survivable Accidents
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    Survivable Accidents

    My biggest fear of riding has always been loosing it in a corner and hitting a tree. Reason being, big trees don't move. Well, it finally happened. You can read about it here
    I'm just posting this to let you know accidents happen and wearing the right gear WILL help prevent injuries.
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    Ask jim to change your name to 'treehugger28'.

    Sorry.. glad you're OK
    Do kindly reply back if you are interested and as you do you will be glad you do, you can reach us through our email address David Boone

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    Originally posted by Boone
    Ask jim to change your name to 'treehugger28'.

    Ditto- glad to hear you're coping.

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    i almost hit a tree coming out of a corner but luckily i slide the right way into a ditch and missed the tree by 2 or 3 inches. It was really with your injuries

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    Wearing the right gear IS the key bearhugger.

    I lowsided and slid on pavement and if I wasn't wearing my leathers i would be pulling my jeans out of my skin. Saved my ass and now I don't feel comfortable if I'm not riding without my full gear, 30 degrees or not!!

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    Hey, Bearhugger!! Glad to hear you're doing okay. I had a similiar accident last fall where the bike ended up in a ditch, and I barely missed a light pole. Same thing - my gear did its job, and I came out of it with just some scratches and some big bruises!! You don't really appreciate the gear until something like this happens, unfortunately. Take care of yourself, and get back out there!!!

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