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Thread: VIN # & engine ser#

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    VIN # & engine ser#

    This is about the Ser# on the frame & the ser# on the engine.
    Just bought a new 2002 F4i from a dealer about a week ago, I was cleaning my bike today, and noticed that the two numbers are different. Now here is my question, are they suppose to be the same or different. The two ser#'s on my car are the same.
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    Not sure, i heard that on jap bikes the frame is the only one that matters (for insuring purposes). The one on the engine doesnt really matter. It will give you details on the engine and thats it.

    But i also heard for harleys they now put they numbers somewhere where a seal is needed(head) So that if someone where to grind the numbers off it wouldnt seal properly and it would be no good, pretty good idea.
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    When my bike was stolen, it was the engine number that got me the bike back, even when changed, the cops still got the number off of it. So I would think they are both equally important. as for are they the same, i'll check on mine................nope totally different.
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    I had my engine cases replaced on my 99 Virago, so whom ever bought it from the dealer only had numbers on the frame because the new engine case had no numbers.


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    The numbers are supposed to be different. Nothing to worry about. Check your owners' manual. There should be a space where you can write both numbers down (may already be done).

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