Dear F800ST,

I love you. You are beautiful, smooth, fast, and fun. Your luggage set is to die for. Your belt drive is low maintenance. At 31,629 km, you are so fresh and young. We've had a good run together--San Francisco, an Iron Butt ride, and lots of short trips.

I have given you Royal Purple synthetic oil regularly, kept you indoors, and kept your battery on a tender all winter.

But why this "dear john" letter? Well, I've gotten old. I'm too chickenshit to ride you fast. My short torso can no longer handle riding in a sporty position. Even with the bar risers, my back and wrists hurt from our long rides together.

I'd like to trade you in for a cruiser or a standard bike of some sort where I can sit upright. I'd love to get something in the 600-800 cc range. Honda Shadow, Yamaha V-star or Bolt, Triumph Bonny--something for the older and slower folks like me. Trade for plus/minus cash depending on the year/condition/mileage.

Thank you for the great memories.


p.s. Attached is the picture of the actual bike.

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