Are you ok rider on the cruiser??
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Thread: Are you ok rider on the cruiser??

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    Are you ok rider on the cruiser??

    I had the misfortune of seeing a cruiser like bike today at around 12 midnight on my way home. The accident was on the "T" intersection of Marine Drive and Marine Way. There was a black Honda Civic with the rear bumper on the ground and a black looked like small cruiser 250-500 shadow or something similar with the front end smashed into the body.

    I'm guessing the accident probably happened around or before 11:00 pm because when I was there, there was only a cop car blocking off the road and a fire truck. I didn't see a rider ...

    Hopefully he/she's alright. By the looks of the vehicles, looks like the bike hit head onto whatever it was. If anyone has any details please update.

    I was only curious at first when I saw the cop car, but when I saw the bike, it sent chills down my spine. I really hope the riders ok.

    Stay safe y'all...
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    Here's hopin whoever's ok.

    God damn are there ever a lot of rider downs happenin.
    is it always like this around this type of year?

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    If he was riding a cruiser he's probably not on bcSPORTBIKES.

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    Originally posted by rearwheelrider
    Here's hopin whoever's ok.

    God damn are there ever a lot of rider downs happenin.
    is it always like this around this type of year?

    The number of riders down isn't really more than before. There are more and more bikes on the road every year. We also have more and more members seeing/reporting accidents so we'll hear about them a lot more than we would without the site.


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    with the industry's boom in cycle sales there are bound to be more accidents. hopefully the rider made it out ok with minimal damage to him/her.

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