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    Question sv1000s

    What a great looking-sounding bike. What I dont understand though is all the reviews i read for the brit mags (powerbike, superbike etc) all pretty much conclude its an awesome machone akin to the new sv650 but with better brakes, suspension and more juice at the right hand.

    I just picked up the north american rags SportRider and Motorcyclist and their reviews of the new sv1000, at least to me, dont sound nearly as good as the british ones. I dont get it.

    Anyone else following these know what I'm talking about?

    Anyone own an sv1000s on this board yet? What are your thoughts / feelings?

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    I think the British appreciate "hooligan" bikes more, just my opinion.
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    sounds like advertising budget. the european market for bikes is greater than north america. it seems that the focus is more on main stream 600 and 1000cc sport bikes.

    the original SV was a hit with little marketing (compared to GSXRs) i think they expect the same with the SV1000.

    Suzuki makes a huge range of great bikes, but most are over shadowed by the GSXR line. Too bad, the SV1000 is an awesome steet bike for the real world.

    I was considering an SV1000 just before I bought my used FZ1.
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    typical american rags.
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