Well, that was awesome...
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Thread: Well, that was awesome...

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    Well, that was awesome...

    Last weekend at mission was spectacular. Saturday was great by not being too hot and giving us lots of time out on the track. Sun, Mon were great by being consistent and well-run days.

    The racing was competitive! Having two dry weekends close to each other really gave us all a chance to practice and lower our laptimes. My battles with Bret and Andrew were extremely satisfying (sorry guys!).

    And the best for last. A HUGE THANK YOU TO SPERO for helping me this weekend. My quick question about tire wear turned into two days of adjustments on the bike and fixing my suspension setup. It really blew my mind how willing he was to teach and help me. From body position to bike setup he was able to make bang-on suggestions right off the top of his head. My poor tire went from looking like garbage to visibly and clearly mending itself in only a single day. Spero has the energy, clarity, and experience to win races and teach a noob like me. Not once did I feel like I asked a stupid question (tho I had quite a few!), he really seemed interested in just helping out.

    To anyone that wants to be faster, or if you're new and just want to give racing a try, talk to Spero. He'll inspire you and point you in the right direction.

    Now it's time to figure out when I can get to the next track and school! Practice makes perfect!

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    Dude....I just got goosebumps reading that. You're absolutely welcome Tra5is!!

    There's nothing that I want more than to build our sport here in BC and to have our Novice, Graduated Novice & Expert WMRC racers ride at a higher level than their counterparts at other racing organizations.

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