Brake prob.
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    Brake prob.

    I was riding over the granville st bridge today a little fast, so I hit the brakes hard to burn off speed before I came to the crest of the hill. As I came around the turnoff to pacific blvrd i noticed a slight pinging sound every so often.. However, as I had just read the one of the many what "gas octane" threads I thought it might be related to putting a lower octane in than normal. (89 octane, unlikely). Anyways, I got down to English Bay noticing the pinging ocasionally and decided to park my bike and take a look at it.

    I was reversing my bike into the parking spot when I heard a 'cling' and i noticed something drop onto the ground. After I pulled my bike in all the way, I walked over and there was a curved 'bridge'-shaped brakepad piece with two round depressions in the back of it.

    It had just fallen out of my brakes! wtf!

    I picked it up, went back to my bike and tried the brakes. No front braking power at all. (i'm not sure if it was because the bike was turned off and in neutral at this point). I tried them after turning the bike on and after a few squeezes they seemed to be working ok. (less half of a brake piece on one side).


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    dont ride your bike until you pull the caliper and check your pads. sounds like you lost one or part of one of your pads. you could have a brake piston or the back of your caliper riding directly on your rotor. if you still have the pad and it is complete you can replace it in the caliper (removal required) you have a two piston caliper with both pistons on the outside. It could be that the inside pad has come off it's pins. You have to slide the caliper all the way to one side to put the pad back in. If the pads are no good I'll be open tomorrow (tuesday) in case nobody closer is open on the holiday. Superdave@Supersport 532 0505

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