Partial front end off a 2007 SV650 available. Was crashed, fork tubes straightened by a shop, and the lowers have a bit of rash on the bottoms. When I went to replace the internals, however, I wasn't able to set them up as smoothly as I liked (stiction due to not perfectly straightened tubes) so I replaced them with forks that already had valved internals installed, so these are up for sale.

They were set up as per Race Tech's instructions, with all new bushing and seal material, and fresh fork oil. The GVs are preloaded for 'aggressive street' use, and the Race Tech springs are 0.9kg/mm, or good for about a 190lbs rider for street use.

The dampers are OEM bored out by a local mechanic. Useful to keep from having to ruin your own!

A lower triple tree and axle are available if needed.