CA Lane Splitting Bill heads off to the Senate
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Thread: CA Lane Splitting Bill heads off to the Senate

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    CA Lane Splitting Bill heads off to the Senate

    I am mystified at the AMA's position.

    SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — California may become the first state to explicitly allow motorcycles to weave between stalled cars in traffic.
    The Assembly on Thursday approved legislation permitting lane-splitting.
    Bikers who navigate congested roads by driving through the middle of lanes are in a legal gray area in California, though law enforcement has permitted the practice. Other states explicitly ban lane-splitting.
    Assemblymen Bill Quirk of Hayward and Tom Lackey of Palmdale say the practice should be legal so the state can offer safety guidance.
    Their bill, AB51, says motorcycles must drive below 50 miles an hour when splitting lanes.
    “I believe lane splitting is important for motorcyclists as long as it’s done responsibly of course. One of the main reasons we do it is to be safe. If a car rear ends a car, it’s a bumper that gets broken. If a car rear ends a motorcyclist it can be a leg or something worse that gets broken,” rider Sebastian Rodriguez said.
    It is supported by law enforcement groups. The American Motorcyclist Association opposes AB51 in favor of less strict rules.
    The bill heads to the Senate after passing on a 53 to 11 vote, without debate.
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    Would this be a repost of your own message from few minutes ago :P

    Will be interesting to see what happens and if it passes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bill View Post
    I am mystified at the AMA's position.
    Because freedom; Bro.
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