Just got back from a loong ride
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Thread: Just got back from a loong ride

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    Just got back from a loong ride

    Hey. Just got home from my coquitlam-hope(hwy 1) hope-princeton,princeton-penticton(hwy 3), penticton-kelowna,kelowna-merrit, merrit-hope( coquihalla) and back home to coquitlam, 810km's in total. very nice ride and surprisinly got back home as good as new.

    only thing that sucked was somebody had a wipeout on hwy 3 in manning park. i saw 3 sportbikes parked alongside of the road, a cop car and 4-5 cruisers...i think i saw a woman or girl laying on the ground and waaay after i saw an ambulance going to the scene....anyone knows what happened? i didnt stop because i dont see how it would do anyone any good.

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    A lot of superslab riding there, but I'm glad you enjoyed the trip. Wouldn't be my first choice of a route, but each to his own!

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    duffy lake loop is so much more fun-easier on the wrists and back too

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