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    Nail in tire

    Well woke up this morning, and noticed a shiny peice of metal in my tire......GREAT a nail. no its not directly in the middle, its off to the side, but not close enough to the sidewall to be to worried about it. check with some soapy water to find out that it was leaking really really slow........
    Question is do i replace the tire or get it repaired....pros/cons??

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    For me (personal opinion) I would change my tire. I have purchased a new tire and a week later I picked up a nail and had to buy another new one. My thought is that you rely so much on your tires that it doesn't pay to do a cheap fix.

    Just my $.02

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    This weekend my bro picked up a 1 1/2 inch screw in the center of his tire, the tire is brand new. We decided that a combination of a plug and an internal patch would be the solution with out droppin bucks on a new one. The Kawi shop in Salmon Arm did the work, wouldnt gaurantee the job as their is too much liability, but he was very confident that the two methods would be solid. We have put on 1000kims on the fix so far and the tire seemed to hold up fine. (Ron from BK also noted that if it is done properly their shouldn't be a problem) FYI! Believe me the tire was tested on a super hot day and lots of bumps on the roads ie DUFFyLake!
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