Getting timed out when taking too long writing a post
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Thread: Getting timed out when taking too long writing a post

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    Getting timed out when taking too long writing a post

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering about this. Sometimes it takes me a while to craft a post because I'm writing it a bit at a time in between doing other activities on my computer. When I submit it, instead of posting, I get redirected to the login page and I lose my submission. How do I avoid this?

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    I don't know any way of avoiding the time out, sorry. But after re-logging in, you should be able to back up a few pages to your crafted post and hit post. Works for me

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    Click the "stay logged in" button when you log in, maybe?

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    highlight your whole crafted post before you click submit and do a quick control c this way if you do lose it from timeouts you can just revisit the page and paste in your master craftsmanship.

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    If you get logged out, you need to check the "keep me logged in" checkbox when logging in.

    If you're already doing this and getting logged out, that's likely because you are submitting a form that the forum considers to be old and no longer valid. The software (reasonably) thinks you're up to no good and logs you out.

    The simple solution is to either copy/paste your post before posting (as m_grewal52 suggested), or to type it up in a different piece of software (like Notepad) and copy/paste it to the forum when you're ready to post.
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    I've extended the session time to 20 minutes. That should be enough for composing posts.


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