Anyone made or heard of making heel guards out of fiberglass?
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Thread: Anyone made or heard of making heel guards out of fiberglass?

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    Anyone made or heard of making heel guards out of fiberglass?

    I'm tired of trying to find some online and locally. And making one from a borrowed heel guard looks easy enough. Did some repairs on my race glass yesterday and that was simple enough. Just need to saran wrap the guard to the glass doesn't stick to it, and use more catalyst to make it stiffer, right?

    Should be lighter than metal, and the materials cost next to nothing.

    Reason being is that I find that I totally use them when cranking her over to keep my boot from running into the chain.

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    Two words for ya........


    Plastics Shop on Minoru in Richmond or Fibertek on Boundry a little north of 1st both selll cabon fiber cloth. You can get enough to make a lifetime's worth for $20.

    Or you can put the CF on the outside with two layers of Fglass cloth behind for strength and still have the same poser value

    What the hell. It's so small a part why not shoot the works

    Don't go crazy on the catalyst. More does not make it stiffer. It only gets hard sooner. But too much can also hinder the cure. Stick to the recomended range. If it's taking a long time to cure or seems reluctant then some heat from a hair dryer or a warm place will speed it up. A picnic cooler with a 60 W lamp inside makes a lovely "oven" for smaller parts to help speed thengs up.
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