New bike day... next week, anyway
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Thread: New bike day... next week, anyway

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    New bike day... next week, anyway

    So month or so ago I sold my '11 Speed Triple to a guy that I had met on a group ride a couple seasons ago. I wasn't sure why, I just wanted a change. About a week later, I traded in my '09 VW GTi for an '09 Nissan 370Z touring sport. I absolutely love the car, and I'm getting my speed fix from it with no regrets. But even the first day when I drove it home, I just kept looking at everyone out on bikes and I knew I couldn't be without one for a whole year.

    I decided to go with a SuMo/Enduro, and was interested in an '01 DRZ 400 with 42,000 KM for $3,200. It was high mileage but it had a lot of the farkles I wanted, and even both sets of wheels, on and off road.

    Well, I lost contact with the guy for a while, before I could go see it, and then I saw an ad posted a second time, for a grand less, saying it needed a bit of work. Apparently the head gasket needed to be replaced. So I spoke with the garage it was at, and they said that if they were going to do that, they might as well just have the whole top end rebuilt for about $1200. So I offered the owner $2K and he was happy to accept. Now, instead of getting a high mileage bike for $3,200, I'll get the same bike with a rebuilt engine for the same price. I don't have much experience with these bikes, but a couple friends who do encouraged me to jump on it, so I did.

    I'll post pics when I get the bike in a week or two. I know this isn't exactly a rare or exciting bike, but I'm super stoked to get into off-road riding, so let me know if you have any interesting back country trips planned this summer!

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    Congrats on the purchase. Definitely a fun addition.
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