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    buying online

    i'm sure that at least a couple of u guys have bought gear online, i was just wondering how bad customs is. please give a b4 customs and after customs price if possible

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    Go to this thread...they give u some idea of how much u pay at customs, how to get out of not paying, and where to send it in the states to pic it up. Easy and Fast!


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    customs is kind of random... well at least for me, I've been buying stuff off of ebay lately .. sometimes they don't charge you anything .. and others they'll charge you the depending on how much the seller declared the item as

    but this morning I recieved a pair of shoes that I bought from ebay for 40 bux... the seller declared it as 20$ but apparently customs took the liberty of opening my package and decided they were worth 75$ instead of 20$.. so I had to fork over 30 bones for taxes/duty etc..,,

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