Warning about firmware update to Escort 9500ix
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Thread: Warning about firmware update to Escort 9500ix

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    Warning about firmware update to Escort 9500ix

    I have a Passport Escort 9500ix and have been very happy with it. Does everything it says. Was reading that there is a free software from Escort so that you can update the marked position database (if you subscribe) but also update the firmware (free). Seems like a logical thing to do, I thought...

    Don't update the firmware! After I updated, the unit started requiring a power reset every 20 minutes. It turns out this is after 20 minutes of failing to calibrate. In other words, it was not functioning even before the power reset message.

    After some internet searching, I have found that this problem is super common after updating the firmware. The fix is to send it back to Escort for 'Servicing'. It would seem the updated software includes a timer that triggers and requires you to have the unit calibrated.

    I will let you all know if I can find a way around sending the unit to Escort.

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    Thats weird I bought a used 9500ix off craigslist about 3 weeks ago and did the free firmware update the minute i got it home and did the paid subscription update 4 days ago with no issues on its functions.the only problem i had was changing the e mail address with Escort they were slow getting around to doing the switch had to phone them half a dozen times to get it done right. before I did the free software update I did a reset and cleared its memory....maybe try that .....

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