where do you get your Honda serviced?
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Thread: where do you get your Honda serviced?

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    Question where do you get your Honda serviced?

    can anybody tell me or rate their experience's with the local Honda dealers service depts.?
    after my vfr fiasco at RMS last year.
    it will be a cold day in hell before Big Bird ever sets foot inside that service dept.

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    Holeshot in Langley

    I do oil changes on my own when it isn't a major service.

    The tech guys are good - fast service

    I think it cost me 150.00 for my first inspection?

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    I've had Carter do the service for my F4i since it was born. I'd rate the service OK, although I consider myself lucky as most of my friends have had unfortunate results such as:
    - dropped bike
    - front tire mounted on rear rim (really!)
    - failure to add oil after oil change

    Also don't like being charged "2hrs" for labour and then seeing my bike finished and ready to go after 45mins!

    Just had new tires put on my bike this past week at Bomax... Great service and good price

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    Don't forget when I came out with a new tire and also a warped rear disc...

    Carter service is yucky.

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    Bomax is the Honda guy... althou he rides a suzuki now, but he doesnt really like it. right John? John used to race Honda 125 & 250 GP bikes.

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    In my garage. And I trust the mechanic implicitly.........even it he does have to redo his work now and then.......
    A backyard mechanic without a service manual is just like a hooker without a lamp pole.... they are both in the dark.

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    Used to take it to imperial on imperial but it's just too far to go and a hassle for someone to follow me so that I can get a ride back. I started doing the little stuff myself. Although I'm pretty competent, I won't do anything big. The last thing I want going through my mind when doing 200+ is 'did I put the cotter pin in correctly on my front??'

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