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    Hello BCSB

    Hi, I am Dan and this is my first thread, i have visit this forum quite often in winter time and had a real good fun time. I am looking for a new all in one helmet and was just wondering if any one here have one and if yes your thought about that helmet and where to bye in Vancouver. I did not have anything else on my head except shoei and arai but this one does not go out of my mind. There are a lot of DS helmet on the market but this one is just something to call it all-in one. This is the helmet i am interested to bye. http://nexx-helmets.com/en/catalog/s...ger-01xds01005

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    Hi Dan, welcome to the 4rum...

    I don't think that i've seen NEXX helmets sold in Vancouver. Sorry.

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    Hmm this message reads an awfully lot like spam to me.
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    agreed, pretty sure nexx helmets are right up there with Zox helmets.

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