Reed Closes two two racing
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Thread: Reed Closes two two racing

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    Reed Closes two two racing

    Remembering Bill Mclean.
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    Yeah that is a shame...
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    He just closed 22 racing... too much to manage a team and race probably.

    I believe he got a ride on Yamaha with Discount Tire using the Pro Circuit team rig/setup. He can still do OK in Supercross. He's getting his ass kicked outdoors.

    Tomac came out FLYING this year (right into the ground). Dungey does his usual (deisels his way to a championship), Roczen might give him a run...

    MX is hard on riders, Tomac is out, Villipoto is out, Nagl is out, Herlings might be back if he gets bolted back together...

    Best place I've found to watch US MX is here: if you don't mind watching a day later. Euro GP's are harder... Youtube

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