ps2 + magic3.1 question
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Thread: ps2 + magic3.1 question

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    ps2 + magic3.1 question

    any1 got this combo? or even the 3.0 or messiah2? (direct boot mods)
    im wondering if you have had any problems playing some original games (ie. some type of protection on it) or going online with original games? (these 2 issues are big for me) i know theres a sleep mode, but i dont know the details. i wanna play some imports and this is the only way unless i go and get a jap ps2.

    also, i used to have some ps2 forums bookmarked, but my HD crapped out, can you give me some good sites to read up on this subject please.


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    I have the magic 3.1 (see pic) and have had zero problems playing original games. Same goes for the CD burns. Sometimes the DVD burns require one or two tries to get it to boot (games only, movies use a different BIOS on the chip and I have never had a problem with the movie BIOS) but that is it.

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