tank bags with a cup holder?
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Thread: tank bags with a cup holder?

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    tank bags with a cup holder?

    anyone know which tank bags have cup holders?

    i know,,,, it's a silly request, but damnit, i like being hydrated!

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    Say it's not true.

    Try a Camelpack perhaps. Much safer.
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    good luck drinking while wearing a full face helmet.

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    What about a water bottle?
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    Where else would you put your starbucks drink

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    mite youre gunnin' for a good humpin!~

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    Get a Camel back... you can slip the tip under and into your mouth...

    Or just open your gas lid and you got one on your bike.... just slip your "Grande" starbux drink in the hole and your good to go~~
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    Don't bother with a cupholder bud.

    Total waste of time.

    Here's what you've got to do to make your favorite Latte on the bike:

    1. Empty the coolant overflow bottle and pinch of the coolant line. This will hold the Soy milk for that no fat soy latte. since the coolant bottle is next to the engine block it will get nice and hot especially aafter messing with the cooling system.

    2. Unplug one plug wire. This will ensure that the bike runs rough enough to froth the milk.

    3. Now here's where it get's tricky, You've got to make the espresso. Take a small tin can, mix about a 1/2 cup of water and some coffee grounds. Strap the can to your pipe. This will get it nice and hot.

    4. Stop the bike, mix and enjoy!!

    Alternatively you can get a Camel Toe.

    I hear Dalton can get enough of them!
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    lol! oppose to popular belief, i dont plan to drink WHILE riding.

    i often go to fast food places and i cant bring any of the drinks home. i always have to finish the drinks there. i'd like to find a tankbag that would allow me to bring the drink home.

    this of course doesnt mean i'll be jabbing a straw up my helmet in order to drink while riding, but i'm sure the mental image of that would be quite funny.


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    i found an image of a mesh cup holder that connects to the zippers (or something like that) of a tank bag. anyone know where i can get one of these babies?

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    I wonder if fastening a deep "chalkbag" onto your tankbag might work...

    Good Luck and Godspeed!

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    that dude has the entire setup. camera, cell phone... i suppose the beer fridge is in the tankbag huh!

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    Cupholder ain't a bad idea, good from timmies runs on coffee break when you ride to work. Some days I drive just so I can snag a decent coffee on the way in!
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    If I go to a fast food place I just tell them to skip the drink and give me a bigger order of fries or something.
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    Originally posted by Haze
    i found an image of a mesh cup holder that connects to the zippers (or something like that) of a tank bag. anyone know where i can get one of these babies?
    LOL! It looks like this guy went to a climbing supplies store, bought a chalk bag, and hung it on the back of his tank bag. But all things considered, that might work quite well... Hmm...

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