Have you noticed.........
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    Have you noticed.........

    It seems to me the best rides were at the beginnig of the season. Maybe it was the excitement of getting on the bike, or the fact it's my first season, but it has struck me that the S2S is a lot busier during the summer months then when I first started riding in the spring. Any one else find that the rides seamed less congested with traffic during the beginning of the season??

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    I would definitely say people get more and more pissed off with bikes. By the end of the season it's almost not worth riding - at least on the island. You have to deal with so much crap.

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    People have good reason to be choked at bikers. harley or sport.

    The sport bikers are usually making questionable passes,etc and the fat slobs that patrol around on harleys do stuff like staying in the passing lane, and speeding up when you want to pass, or swerving in your lane 3 feet infront of your bumper.
    (Happened to me today and i fired a banana at the dink. bet he won't do that again)

    It's something that you're goin to through.

    I'm sure you seem a little less enthusiastic now too, cuz you've rode for a few months and have done everything there is to do pretty much without winding up in the ER.
    Just the way she goes.
    that's why we have winter, to make us appreciate the riding season


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    Ride a little further away. zinging the S2S is like playing Russian Roulette with 5 chambers filled. Sooner or later you're going to get it.

    Avoid weekend rides; this is when the man is expecting you and every hat-wearing dude in his lumbering RV is on the road.

    I'm not bored and it''s been many years of riding for me. every year is just as cool and, I'm way better at it than I was at first.


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