2004 R1.........
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    2004 R1.........

    Looking at moving into a r1 but not sure if I should wait for the 2004.Rumours are the 2004 will be all new because of the two year cycle.....undertail exhaust,lighter and more power?
    Any r1 owner got some input?

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    If you want to buy a litre bike, wait till next year. That way you'll have no regrets. Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha will all have new 1000cc bikes out.

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    You Betcha!
    All the other companies need to catch Suzuki in the open class. Some of the mags won't even do open class shoot-outs 'cause the Suzook's so strong.
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    I wish.
    Any company could beat Suzuki in raw power in the open class. It's a matter of creating a balanced bike. You'll find that most current reviews of the 02/03 R1 (especially when it came out and they were interviewing designers), state that Yamaha (and Honda for that matter) designs for balance - and all out power isn't their priority. It would be my hunch that both big red and blue will keep designing bikes that are less powerful than the all mighty G1k.

    However, as per usual, I'd except some minor HP gains, maybe some ram air? Who knows. And an undertail exhaust seems to be the big rumor - but nobody knows for sure yet.
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    its got 2 wheels
    I still dont know if I like the undertail exhaust

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    never buy a bike in its first year

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