Butler motorcycling map of Oregon now available.
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Thread: Butler motorcycling map of Oregon now available.

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    Butler motorcycling map of Oregon now available.


    Canadian Bird has posted this info in the Sport Touring segment, but that gets limited traffic, and I thought this was significant enough to post up in the General forum too - moderators, feel free to do what you want if you disagree...

    Lotsa posting on BCSB about the John Day country in northeastern Oregon just recently, and that's understandable: it's only 600 kms to The Dalles from Vancouver, as opposed to 1200kms to Redding CA. And while Nor Cal is peerless, NE Oregon runs it pretty close for the quantity and quality of the riding, and is do-able for a 4 or 5 day outing; whereas Nor Cal is a push in that sort of time slot, especially unless you trailer down.

    NE Oregon is not the only great riding area in the State. There is amazing riding in the Coast Mountains, between the Willamette valley south of Portland and the coast. Eugene makes a great base down south; Cannon Beach is used by many, up north. Some of this riding is on twisty highways, but much of the most exciting is on paved logging roads, and is highly technical, very challenging, totally serious, and unique.

    There's also plenty of good riding in the Cascades, from Mt Hood in the north to Crater Lake in the south.

    I've just ordered the map, so I cannot yet speak to its quality, but if it's 'good', its presence could revolutionize our riding holidays here in Vancouver.

    p.s. I reckon Motorcycle Roads Northwest contains the best information available online covering Oregon motorcycling roads:
    but that info is not well sorted, in terms of logical access. It's super-valuable for 'surfing' on November evening, planning for the following season, but not easy to work thru in the short term, otherwise...
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    Would not have seen it in the other section for sure. Thanks for posting it here, and thanks to Bird for original thread.

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    Thank you Lads. I have a few Butler Maps and it's nice to have a complete West Coast selection of maps. As well as a few States inland. Cheers. Thank you for moving the post to a much wider read section. I wonder how it matches up to our recently posted road trip to Oregon. Most of the time I have found this site to be helpful, from many personal pm's, and helpful with bike issues and the like.
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