Integrate Turn/Brake Lights Install F4i *HELP*
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Thread: Integrate Turn/Brake Lights Install F4i *HELP*

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    Integrate Turn/Brake Lights Install F4i *HELP*


    Im sure it has been done. The wiring is a bit confusing. Any help would be AWESOME. Thanks guys. Pics are a much appreciated added BONUS =)


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    go to in their tips & tricks section, they have a posting on how to do it for an SV. i know it's a different bike, but it's a start in the right direction.

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    i have it done on my zx7r . it's just a trailer wiring converter from a 4 light system to a 2 light system. make sure to get a trail flasher unit aswell. to much resistance with the brake lights on.

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    anyone have pics of this conversion
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    I don't mean to be a downer to you, but I had it on my '02 F4i for a while and almost got rear ended by cars a coupla times when they couldn't see my lights flashing...

    Also, my friends couldn't tell which way I was flashing most of the time... One friend almost t-boned me when I wanted to turn into a gas station....That's due to the fact the F4i has such close brake lights and it's all in one same housing. After I changed to aftermarkets, I had no probs whatsoever

    My advice for you would be to get aftermarkets and install them instead... For the safety of myself and my fellow riders and (some) stupid cagers.... I'd rather take safety as opposed to coolness... either way, the aftermarkets can look real cool too...

    just my .02 cents
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