Postings of 'RIP' & 'RIDER DOWN'

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  • YES, I want to know.

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  • Yes, im a rider-down-chaser and rush to the scene.

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  • No....bikes/riders go down all the time.

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  • Yes, personally, I would like to see all vehicle accidents posted

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  • No, if I want to hear about crashes I tune into AM1130.

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  • Yes, Im curious as to find out who bind it on here.

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  • I don't bother 'clicking' on them.

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Thread: Postings of 'RIP' & 'RIDER DOWN'

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    Postings of 'RIP' & 'RIDER DOWN'

    See GOD, then back off.

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    I am more interested in where, when and why? ie single bike accident or run off the road due to a cager...also especially if it is someone from this site that I might know...

    I generally don't bother posting in them, but the information is good.
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    there really should be a 'fallen' forum, stick your tributes and memorial threads in there.
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    DNA is right, it should be a seperate section. I generally don't post but I look at them for the who, what where and why sort of thing. The more informed, the better a rider you are, and everyone needs to be reminded of the dangers of the sport.

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    I like to know if someone has been hurt. I hope its never a friend of mine or someone from here that I have ridden with. It makes me think a little harder about makin sure I don't get my ass creamed by someone or by doing something stupid myself the next time I go for a ride.

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    I prefer to know and if it's someone I know to express my sympathy and/or condolences. What I don't care much for is all the fromage that comes from some people. That is not the place and time to share your "12 steps to safety" with the world. If you have good advice to give, by all means, do so but start a separate thread and give 'er. Other wise you are just adding insult to injury.
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    Yes, it's a good reality check for new/old riders.

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    I'm with DIgi. I like to know "WHY" the accident happened and where.....and if it's a BCSB member, who it was.

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    I click if it's posted by someone I know.
    If you're not interested - don't click.
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    I don't bother 'clicking' on them.

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    Administrator Array adamantium's Avatar
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    I wish.
    The reason I haven't created another forum for this, is 2 fold. First off, I sure has hell hope we don't need to have them that often (although I'm being wronged more and more often), and secondly - I personally feel it's important that we are all reminded that we are not immortal. I think we all forget this from time to time and every little bit helps.
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    I'm with adamantium on this one. If we leave it in here even just seeing that there's another post may make some of you stop and think even if you don't click on them

    I personally read them all but only post a condolence message to a few. First off it's not likely that the folks that would appreciate the condolences (the rider's friends and family) are on the board unless it's a member and secondly I just feel that a simple RIP post is so little too mark the passing of one of our own kind that, to me at least, it seems almost a bit flippant. But please, if you think you're doing some good or treat it just as an acknowledgment to the poster then continue. At least we know that folks are reading the posts that way and hopefully thinking about their own riding. But if you post a RIP casually in passing without thinking of how it affects you and your own riding then the passing of one of our own is just that much more of a sad waste.
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    umm, I agree with DNA. There should be a seperate forum for this purpose. It serves as a reminder and/or tribute depending on the situation.

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    i'm mortal...usually

    I'm an absolute newbie (taking Action's course starting July 14) and as excited as I am about learning to ride and having fun out there it is important to stay smart.

    There are lots of sites out there devoted to performance and racing but you need to know what can (and does) happen when things go wrong.

    I'm also with the MODs on this about hopefully not needing a forum just for this.....

    I'm not so morbid as to want to read obituaries but if its in the news i'm gonna hear about it.

    thats my $0.10 (8 xtra cents!)

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    I read them. I want to know how someone went down so I don't make the same mistake or wind up in a similar situation.
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