Tank vent with internal leak
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Thread: Tank vent with internal leak

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    Tank vent with internal leak

    Wellp, it's my turn to ask for help. Seems my F2 tank vent is leaking internally and draining my gas into the catch bottle. Not a good thing. It's not where it's welded into the base of the tank as a plug over the stub seals it fine. It would seem that the metal tubing has cracked inside the tank. I'll be taking off the filler cap to have a look but even with that off there's not much room for getting hands or tools inside there for any sort of fix..... or so it would seem. I'm hoping some of you "ship in a bottle" mechanical types have some ideas.

    The leak at least had the decency to wait until I'd finished my last session of the day at Spokane so I guess it's not all bad. And thanks to BCSB and JohhnyBravo I have a spare tank but it would be nice to fix this one so I still have a spare.

    Any ideas? If worse comes to worse I'm thinking I'll pull out the tube altogether and solder a patch or put a screw with O ring in the hole and fix up an external top vent ala Ducati. I REALLY don't want to toss this tank just for such a stupid little problem if I can avoid it.
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    Kreem gas tank sealant?.... two part epoxy stuff you swirl around inside... can't hurt
    saw it @ GA Checkpoint


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    cutout the bottom of the tank, fix it, and reweld it up.i have seen this on the f2's a few times in the last couple years.the fix aint pretty but it does the job. a good project

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    Kreem sucks. Even with proper prep, it peels and clogs up your filter/carbs. It also won't fill holes.

    POR-15 makes a way better one but, it won't fill a hole either. Since this may be a crack or some such, it might work. Crapshoot at best.


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