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    front sprocket help

    I got one of the guys at S.G. to order me a new front sprocket for my 93 ZX-6 with one less tooth so it will be easier learning wheelies since im having a little trouble getting the front tire up

    I have it now and im tryin to put it on and i have a manual so it's pretty easy but I cant get my back tire to slide forward to allow the necessary chain slack needed to get the chain off the front sprocket. I have loosend off teh 2 tension bolts that stick straight out the ends of my swing arm and have loosend the akle bolt. wont budge ? ki9cking teh tire doesnt work and puting a socket on teh tension bolts and hitting those doesnt work either. any suggestions ? and how do i know how far back to push the tire after i do get the new sprocket on ?

    Also after counting the teeth i noticed my old one has 16 and the new one only 14 so instead of teh recomended one tooth down looks liek im going 2. Is this bad ? should i return it or just try it ?

    any suggestions or info is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

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    If the wheel and axle is at the front end of it's adjustment travel then all the kicking in the world won't drop the chain far enough. Pull the axle out all together and let the wheel go loose. That'll get you all the slack you need.

    2 teeth down will just wheelie easier......

    It may also wear the chain out a trifle faster. Keep an eye on the stretch. Keeping it cleaned and lubed more often may prevent a shorter life. It's turning around that front sprocket that much tighter and with more angle per link so be sure it's good.

    For your next chain and sprocket set go for 3 or 4 up on the rear with a stocker on the front. Less stress and wear on the chain and sprockets that way. But it's not worth doing unless it's time to buy a whole new setup.
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