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Thread: posers....

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    I ride a 600r and have schooled many r6 riders.I think a poser is someone on a bike that is way over thier ability.why buy an r6 if you will only use 50% of its ability.buy a 250 and ride the crap out of it,then buy the r6 and ride it like it should be riden.

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    Dude you know the answer to this. And asking us wont fix it either. Try not to be too concerned with how other people spend their money, might save ya a few headaches.


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    Re: posers....

    Originally posted by billyzf600
    I ride a 600r and have schooled many r6 riders.
    What do you want? A freakin' medal?

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    Say hello to the "Mayor" I can ride about 5% of my bikes abilities. But I never claimed to be a AMA Superstar or MotoGP champ, but then again I can hold my own too. I'm in it to ride and have fun, what are you in it for, Superstar? Hell I'm not even the Nordel Champ (Inside joke).
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    i think somebody is pissed cause they don't have an r6
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    Sorry. You're not a hero on your 600R just because you can "school" a newbie on an R6. A 600R is a plenty capable bike - let's see you "school" a veteran R6 rider while you are sporting a dusty '85 GS550, then I'll stand up and applaud.

    It's also a well known fact that only newbies say how fast they are. BTW, I'm really slow.

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    I wont get a higher CC bike until i can ride my 250 to its limits. Sure id rather be getting my donuts with an r6 every friday but hey! 250 is just fine for me right now
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    i'm jealous of R6 riders too...I want me a poser bike.

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    a poser is someone who has the best of everything but never uses it. they park their ducatis in front of the starbucks on robson all day and parade around in their repli-racer gear. when its late and time to leave they quietly push their bikes into the back of a van while no one is looking. i believe you are refering to what is commonly known as a squid.

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    I assume you smoked em on the street....Maybe they like to take it easy on the street...and rip it all up on the track......
    so what if you can beat other people with nicer bikes? Just because they got a bike and can't push it beyond their ability means that they are posers. People enjoy riding in many different ways. Posers are not riders that have limited abilities. They are the ones that like to park their bike on busy streets and stand around it to show it off.
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    Fuck am i ever glad i didn't post this thread.
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    Originally posted by ShiftGear
    I wont get a higher CC bike until i can ride my 250 to its limits. Sure id rather be getting my donuts with an r6 every friday but hey! 250 is just fine for me right now
    what's your definition of "taking the bike to it's limits"?
    is it riding round a 90 deg. corner max'd out on your 250?
    is it wheelying your 250 in every gear?

    Quit this thinkin of "I'm not worthy of the power".

    You want to know why i bought my bike?
    here it is - first off...It was white and blue and looked sharp....and then I thought "a bike this kewl can get me even MORE sex.....and THEN (and should've been first) i found out gixxers were reliable and highly advanced in the tech compared to other bikes

    If you want a 929, or a 600rr and you're a newb and can afford it, get it. No one ever said that you can't have more money, or taste then sense.

    10 k's on a 250 , is the same as 10 k's on a 750 the difference? YOU. r u a fucking idiot or are u gonna respect the throttle when it's called for?


    People who never do any more than they get paid for never get paid for any more than they do.
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    I think he may have meant his post to be a reply on another thread that was recently made about posers...otherwise he is entitle to his opinion yo

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    speechless. just grow up and be safe out there.

    if you wanna paint your blood on the pavements. than do it yourself.
    ride to last not fast.

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    I would hasten to say that I think a fair portion of people don't ever use 50% of their bike's potential. You'd probably only get that in a track environment, and the majority probably never do track.

    With all that said though... so?

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