Odd Events on the Sunday Ride
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Thread: Odd Events on the Sunday Ride

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    Odd Events on the Sunday Ride

    Did the Sunday ride up Duffy with some people who shall remain nameless, to protect the innocent...or the guilty....

    Anyway, ***** is in front through Mt. Currie. I personally don't do stuff here but I know many who do. ***** passes a cage and now I'm behind it. All of a sudden, I get flipped the long haul bird out the passenger window of the cage. So I'm sitting there eating *****'s bird for a couple ks or so til the driver pulls off. I tool by and give the lady (!) the peace sign. I don't think she was expecting that. She had eyes down but she saw me.

    Next weird thing, I like to take off sometimes and get some exercise on my bike. I don't ask anyone to follow because I'm not willing to put anyone else's life at risk, especially those whom I don't know their abilities well. So, I'm lighting it up on the Lytton stretch and some assclown in a white G10 van swerves right into my lane to play chicken with me. Now, we're not in the populated area here. The first thing that I think of is our recent 4X4 thread asshole. I fake the guy and evade. Now I'm worried my following companions will get targetted by this twit. Turns out they never saw him at all so, all is well there. What a twat.

    Sadly, one plastic tragedy ensued but, I'm not saying anything about that until I hear from the actor.


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    sounds like my monday morning commute!its pretty bad out there these days.

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    hmmm yes. apparently alot of cagers don't know the term attempted murder or for that fact vehicular manslaughter, oh wait if they swerve then they had intent which elevates it to second degree murder. the things ya see when ya don't have a hand gun or a high powered rifle!!
    That that doesn't kill us forces us to live with a busted up bike!!

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