BCSB Involved??
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Thread: BCSB Involved??

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    BCSB Involved??

    Unfortunately I came upon a bike crash again. Saturday morning around 11:00, westbound HOV exit at Grandview Hwy, 50 meters east of the light at Boundary. Looks like a sportbike [hard to tell what it was, but semi gloss black] came in too hot on the last left to the lights, kind of looks like he hit the curb, bike went back into the traffic, and the rider had his helmet off, on the grass side of the road, attended by 4-5 people, looked to be in some "discomfort". Bike was fuckied.

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    Hey, I was not even 5 seconds behind the bike when that happened. I was on my bike in the right lane as #1 exits to Grandview when the bike passes me on the left lane at a pretty fast speed, goes into my lane, then goes around that left curve. Then I take the left curve and see the rider laying on the grass, a pickup truck beside him, and two people exiting the truck to help. Another car stopped behind the truck too.

    It's crazy because as that bike passed me, I was thinking to myself "He's going way too fast". I have some footage on my helmet cam too but nothing useful since after watching it I realized my cam's angle must've gotten knocked off a bit.
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    It's a fun exit... but..... it's uneven pavement. At least he didn't kill himself.

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    ^^ Agreed, that IS a bit of a poorly finished stretch.
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