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    There are a few nuns that go to a priest for
    confessions. The priest goes to the first nun and
    says," Answer honestly, have you ever been in
    contact with a human penis?"

    The 1st nun says," Once I accidently opened the
    door when a guy was changing and saw his penis."

    The priest says," That's fine, go and wash your
    eyes in the holy water. Next!"

    The 2nd nun says," Once I accidently touched a
    guy's penis."

    The priest says," Okay, just go and wash your
    hands in the holy water. Next! Next."

    No one shows up then he goes into the room with
    the holy water and he sees two nuns fist
    fighting. He says," Hey!! What's going on?"

    One of the nuns says," I'm trying to gargle the
    holy water before she puts her ass in it!"
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