Meeting places???
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Thread: Meeting places???

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    Meeting places???

    I just moved here from Halifax and back east every thursday night 150 to 200 of us bike riders would meet at Arby's ( not because we liked the food but because the owner would give us good deal and allow us to take over the parking lot for 3 to 4r hours )

    This was a mixture of sport, touring and HD bike riders all there to have show off our bikes and talk shop... It worked out great and has become some what of a tourist attraction for the province.

    I was just wondering if you have a similar such meeting place here in your great province and where it might be????
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    Theres a quite a few of us that get together at Joey's on Lougheed Hwy on thursdays. Normally there are anywhere from 15-30 of us.
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    Is the gathering at Joey's every thursday or just once in a while. I would like to go and meet up with some other riders and get myself better acquainted with other BCSB'rs.

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    Every Thursday...


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