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    Noise Cans

    Ive been surffin the net and found so many Exhaust systems avaiable for my bike but the problem is i cant find anyone locally that will bring the more exotic coffee cans in.....Is there any one that could help me out and either let me how to go about getting them myself and what problems if any are involed going this route . Or name a few shops locally that youve found success with (hopefully shops that deal with a broad range of pipe manufactures). Any help is greatly appreciated.....ThAnkx

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    what can are you looking at buying?
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    Ive been interested in the laser one.

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    It runs...
    Vancouver Yamaha stocks Lasers.
    Hastings and Commercial 604-251-1212

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    Vancouver Yamaha? Bwahahaha...AKA Atlas Motorcycles crapola dealership.

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