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Thread: Flash tune for 09 R1

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    Flash tune for 09 R1

    Hey guys, does anyone have a flash tune interface for the 09-11 R1 that would be willing to re-flash my bike?

    I have an 09 and apparently after talking to Nels at 2wheeldynoworks, my bike has the first flash he did with the flash tune. That being said, looks like the guys on the R1 forum have improved the map quite a lot (and even Nels said that I should change the flash as many things have changed, though I would have to pay for the updated flash...so why not get it done locally).

    If anyone would be willing to flash my bike, please shoot me a PM.

    I'm getting envious after reading how much better the bike runs and starts right away, etc. Lol (whereas I have to feather the throttle on cold starts for 3-5 attempts to even get it to start...)

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    note this is no longer possible as FLASH-TUNE sent a 'virus' via software update last year which made the original flash interface unusable..

    the company was sold and the new owner did not want to recognize the open flashing capabilities of those units, meaning up till now you
    could flash as many bikes as you want with the same equipment. The new bench and bike harness units are registered to the ECU the
    harness is bought for and its locked, there is no way to remove this and if you want to flash a different ECU you will need to pay $100
    for a new license which you could use for your own ECU. Therefore you gotta pay to play.

    I am good friends with Tad on the R1-forum and he has done some great work on these bikes, the early work on FT flashes was not
    very good and still suffered from a lot of the issues which we all hated, beginning with my ultimate pet peeve which meant the idle
    was not properly setup and you would run into issues of the bike stalling randomly at stop lights.

    I went with ECUnleashed while Nels was offering that service but since he switched to FT he no longer can do any changes to my map..

    i'm still a little pissed off about the move, but i guess everybody's gotta eat. It just sucks the work he originally said he could do to update my flash once i got
    my Graves Velocity Stacks was all smoke and mirrors on his part.. I'm aware he's got friends on here so i'm just gonna leave it at that.

    he offered the same thing to me, do a complete new FT flash, not what i'm interested as should be pretty obvious considering what the ECUnleash flash cost to begin with.. Only to end up with a lesser product? no thanks

    its a little funny to hear he's offering to 'update' the flash to what the R1 forum boys are running these days as when i suggested if that was
    possible, me providing the actual flash tune as it were he flat out refused and said they would have to do a complete new flash themselves
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    I still have a couple of different old versions of the software but my harness is permanently wired to my bike.
    There was somebody on here who had a bench set up.
    If your bike was flashed with old software that might work?

    I would just buy the kit as there are always things you want to change after the first or 2nd flash.
    I think it took me at least 3 flashes to get my speedo calibrated to where I was happy and with the installation of things like block off plates and removal of exup valves or changes to the exhaust you may want to change more things down the road.
    You may flash it and find you need to make changes to things like disable the o2 sensor or adjust fan temps later on.
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    Right now I have the same setup pretty much everyone on the R1 forum has: 3/4 exhaust with y pipe, no cat, block off plates, and euro air box mod. I don't plan on doing any more engine mods unless YEC cams come up for sale for a crazy deal so I can get rid of the flat spot up top. And if I do that, the velocity stacks will get done too, but it's not high on my priority list. The bike is quick as it is without having to get every last pony out of it.

    If I brought you my ECU when you have your side fairing off next time, would it be able to plug into your harness for a flash? I hear you on maybe wanting to make changes, but I already have a tuning interface for the car, and a vagcom, and a few other specific software tools so I just don't want to have any more. Lol.

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    Mine is an 07 so I don't think the harness is the same.
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    I think a virus is not only the wrong word, but you haven't explained the full deal.

    Anyone with a gold flash tune kit can get it replaced and get the new kit FOC by contacting FTecu.com

    Due to the new company wanting to invest in R&D to improve the product, introduce new features for valued customers there was no option but to cut off the support of the old devices in the new software. Some might say that the steps were drastic, but at the same time you don't want people using un-supported software which could contain bugs to flash bikes in your companies name, if someone died in an accident and the ECU was found to be at fault that would be unfair on the new company. In reality the only people that got mega upset by the change were those that were profiteering out of charging for flashes, that model just didn't work for a company looking to not just survive but grow as a customer paying a flashing company x$'s contributes nothing to the new company, and removes the possibility of them buying their own kit or a licence..... you have to understand and appreciate that for the good of the paying users the product needs to improve and be feature rich, otherwise it will die and you have a useless unsupported product ?

    P.S. I was one of the flashing companies (based in Europe) who were most hit by the change, but from the outset of working with Flash-Tune I said the licence model was flawed and we have embraced the change and the new features in the software now and coming shortly.

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