Drop in fuel economy after replacing an engine.
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Thread: Drop in fuel economy after replacing an engine.

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    Drop in fuel economy after replacing an engine.

    I replaced an engine on my V65 at 95,000 km with an engine from a totaled bike with 25,000 km, I used only the engine in the swap, same carbs and exhaust.

    Bike ran(runs) great but I noticed close to a 10% drop in fuel economy.

    Has anyone had a similar experience?
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    You're whacking the throttle more now to "test" the new motor..
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    uhm, completely different engine? could it be the 'new' engine just isnt as efficient as your old one? its not like the frame or any other component not used on the 'upgrade' has anything to do with it

    two different engines in different state of tune or maintenance can vary drastically i would think

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    10%. meh. buy one less starbucks a month.

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    A V65 with low mileage has sat without turning over for too many years. If you are worried about fuel mileage get a modern bike, if you really love the v65 put a few grand into getting it rebuilt.

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