Next best option??? (Re: race school)
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Thread: Next best option??? (Re: race school)

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    Next best option??? (Re: race school)

    Ok racers,

    As far as I know, there is no more Westwood Race/ART courses for the rest of the season. I was really planning to hit the track this summer, I was going into the Westwood course but work/school schedule didnt give me any time to... just wondering what the next best option is...

    ..i was thinking of hitting Spokane with some buddies but I dont know if that would be a dumb move as I have no track schooling..


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    Talk to Dat and go to Thunderhill. You can then be taught by Jason!!!
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    There are more classes in both the ART and Race schools.
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    Whatever people will lend me
    if you want to try the track and would feel more comfortable with instructors you can also try

    pacific super sport riders days at pacific raceway, or PIR

    or mike sullivan race schools at either pacific raceway or spokane
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    thanks fellas,

    most likely gonna be hitting up either one of the last 2 race sessions @ westwood, or the seattle race course early august.

    anyone hitting either of those courses up?

    thanks again for the info

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