Shaving down your seat
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Thread: Shaving down your seat

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    Shaving down your seat

    Does anyone know what's involved in shaving your seat down (and NO not your hairy ass) How many inches can you gain from feet to pavement before your seat is too uncomfortable. Can anyone do this or should you take it to a pro. (86 Ninja 600r seat)

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    I've done a couple of my own with good results. But you want to be sure that you sneak up on the final shape. It's not that easy to put some back on without creating a hard glue line that you'll feel. ANd you want to be fairly handy with a staple gun and have a feel for stretching the material back on just right.

    If you're that small you're probably lighter than normal so you can get away with less foam. I wouldn't want to go less than one inch though.

    There's a few threads around here with names of local shops that can do this work. Try the search. If you can't find the threads come on back.
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    Trim Up Auto in Richmond 604.270.0020 does some good shaping.

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    we did our own on a sv650, took just over an inch off. Doesn't look as good as if you got it done at a shop, but it still works

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    Try cutting the foam from underneith and replacing it with softer foam . It will still look stock but it will sink down when you sit on it.

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