2006 ZX6R Overheating Problem
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Thread: 2006 ZX6R Overheating Problem

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    2006 ZX6R Overheating Problem

    I've got a 2006 ZX6R 636 that overheats after about 10 minutes. The temperature sporadically increases and decreases, as in it will go from 92 to 103 to 91 to 94 to 115 to HI to 119 to 101 to 118 to HI to 119 to HI etc. So far I've replaced the temp sensor, thermostat + gasket, fresh coolant, and at one point we hardwired the rad fan to a switch so that we could control when it would come on, and we had it on from 80 degrees and up and it still overheated.

    Took it to a shop, they had it for 5 weeks and couldn't figure out why it was overheating either. Apparently they were on the phone a lot with Kawasaki techs who also couldn't diagnose the problem.

    The bikes only got 13 xxx kms on it, it's been very well maintained, and it hasn't even been ridden hard. It ran fine last year, winterized it as I always do, rode it for a week or two this year, and then parked it because it developed the overheating issue.

    I'd love to get at least some riding in this year, so any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Have you looked at the zx6r forums?

    Some suggest cleaning the coolant system (http://www.kawiforums.com/2005-2006-...g-problem.html)

    Maybe the spark plugs in side the bike are running too hot causing pre-detonation making the engine overheat? Are they what the manufacturer recommends?

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    Check your rad fins...make sure you are getting air flow through the rad...had a friend do what you just did...changed waterpump, sensor, thermostat, fan motor, and other little things...turned out the out side of the rad was plugged with dirt/dust...washed the rad and it is all better...the other thing to check is make sure the water system is bled...not sure on your bike but some have little screws at the high points in the rad and top of the engine...if you got a vapor lock that can cause problems...
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    This is a common issue with these bikes. If I remember correctly, the ECU needs to be replaced.
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    Apparently they were on the phone a lot with Kawasaki techs who also couldn't diagnose the problem.
    If it was a common issue wouldn't they know?
    It's one of those odd problems, I would check that drive tang to the water pump isn't sheared or a collapsed/ separated rad hose, plugged rad (cold spots on the rad core). I saw a water pump impeller slipping on the shaft on a car. Check if the pump is pumping water out of the rad.( bottom rad hose)
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