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    chain tool

    Chain tool on sale now at kms tools
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    Saw that too.. But it Ain't looking Much like the Regina Chain one .. Is it ?
    Looks a helluvalot like a Bicycle Chain tool I bought as a Kid 30 years ago.
    A badly riveted Link is a LOT sketchier than a Clip link imo.

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    hmm, good price.. but the PINs are something you need to be aware of as they are known to snap very easy on the 'cheap stuff' which is generally what is sold at those prices..

    I did a little research and found the return on investment is much higher on CYCLEGEAR's (made by Stockton) chain breaker / riveter, incidentally currently available!

    i purchased mine just over two weeks ago and it is very solid... did my chain break and riveting a simple matter of minutes!! awesome!

    Great SALE Price! Was $89.99
    now $39.99

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