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    Sport Touring Tires I couldn't find the threads/posts. Please move if necessary.

    For Interest Sake.
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    I wonder what the real differences were between 1st and last? I run the Bridgestone T30s on my St1300 but it has a "gt" designation that are meant for the heavy sport touring bike like the FJR and my honda . I'm curious why the used an alternate T30

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    "Tests" like that.....if you can even call it that, are extremely subjective. Seem more of a big ad/testimonial.

    Not discounting the tire, probably are many others.
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    i ran the Metzeler Roadtec Z8s when i 1st got my 09 R1, took the bike on a touring trip and i was very happy with them.. they last a bloody long time and exhibit good handling

    in wet weather they really shine which is smoething i've come to expect from Metzeler, i ran the m3 and m5 sport tires previously...

    i suspect there is very good reason they were awarded highest spot on the list...

    if the Pilot Power 3s are any indication as to how the Michelin Road's behave, i suspect they'd be a very close 2nd to the Metzelers

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    The test done by Motorrad are the toughest and most thorough of any moto journal. They don't pull any punches no matter what brand it is. But tires are evolving every year and the name brands are all good in this category,

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