Help needed: elec. problem bike won't start
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Thread: Help needed: elec. problem bike won't start

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    Help needed: elec. problem bike won't start

    Hey, I'm having some problems with starting my bike. It was working fine the other day when I went riding but today when I went to start my bike, it won't even turn over the starter motor. My first reaction was that my battery was dead. I checked it and it is fine, at 12.8V. but when I go to turn the key to on, the voltage drops to around ~8V. Does anyone know why this could be?

    Also in case this might help. last week when I was riding I switched to high beams and my headlight blow out, but I didn't have any problems starting or anything like that until today. (I still haven't replaced the blub)

    Any help would be great, as I missing all this awesome weather.

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    Sounds like your regulator/recitifer is shot to me.

    I've been wrong before, though.


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    second time i'm posting this link!

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    sounds like whatever blew out your headlights is also causing a massive ground. next frun is to track down where.
    That that doesn't kill us forces us to live with a busted up bike!!

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    Go ahead and change the bulb already.
    you're goin to have to do it anyways.

    Not to say that that's the cause, but problems usually stem from a first problem.

    At least once the bulb's changed you want be doin the ol' "i wonder if it could still be that bulb" thing.

    Then again....take into the account that your bulb blew and now you've got this issue with it not starting....those two things together may be the result of something else in the system goin. just like Matt was saying about the reg/rectifier.

    I hate to put more pressure on this guy..but i'd say pm Teetee. The guy's just amazing at the knowledge he posses'...he may just have experienced your issue before .
    worth a shot



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