What did everyone think of the Race Course July 7 / Who's racing Novice this year?
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Thread: What did everyone think of the Race Course July 7 / Who's racing Novice this year?

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    What did everyone think of the Race Course July 7 / Who's racing Novice this year?

    Other than almost passing the man Dan himself turn 3 by ENDOING past and almost into him in the final lap (read: COOL DOWN LAP) of the day while one instructor filmed it and the other passed me (PROBABLY IN SHOCK), I would say that it went pretty wickedly!! Sorry Dan!!!. I had a blast. But I found out my lines is GARBAGE!! Needs lotsa work! How about everyone else?

    Hopefully I can get in a test and tune, work on my lines and try out a race in September once I've got some real race gear (steering damper, proper gearing and race tires (left lots of my BT010's rubber at Mission) and some time off from the biz.

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    i enjoyed it, very tight and technical.

    it would be fun to do a race this year, but i need to finish off and get the rest of my race plastic first to go with my tail, which is #2 on my list of things to get right now, #1 is a second pair of rims.
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    I had a blast! I felt a lot safer blasting around the track than I do riding on the street, even with the cement walls on the outside of a couple of corners. The biggest challenge I found was judging braking distance, especially into turn 1. I never brake anywhere near that hard or late on the street, I figure I was hitting around 220-230km/h before braking to like 50km/h or so for turn 1. Generally I braked too early which is fine by me since I was riding my 2 month old street bike. I'm working on getting a race bike, hopefully I'll be set up in time for the July double header, I'm not taking my street bike back onto the track again. See you guys at the track!

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    I had so much fun! Like Mike said, I enjoyed the tight/technical nature of the course; I didn't enjoy the walls on the outside of the corners. I am planning on doing one or two Test & Tunes in the coming months to improve skills and lines, but I am not planning on racing. Too expensive for me right now. So Troy, if you're reading this, I'm going to keep sandbagging it on my street bike.

    Ben, I had no idea what you were doing behind me; I was just worrying about making turn 3 cleanly. No harm, no foul, no worries. Hey, and we got it on film too, so you can re-live the moment over and over. I forgot the meaning of Cool Down Lap on an earlier session too. I was exiting turn 3, got a little cheeky on the throttle while still leaned over, rear end stepped way out, and I had to save a high-side. I learned my lesson.

    As for track goodies, I would like to get a set of race tires. My Pilot Sports had me fishtailing into corners until I upped my idle and were not all that confidence inspiring after becoming greasy 2/3 of the way through each session.

    Greg, you fast!!
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    It was the most fun I've ever had on the bike. I would like to do the October race this year, maybe the September T&T as well. Race fairing are on the way, I won't mind racing my street bike as much with new bodywork on it. I managed to pick up some spare rims so am pretty much good to go. Just need another set of race tires and brake pads.

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