Clearbrook Motorsports: good?
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Thread: Clearbrook Motorsports: good?

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    Clearbrook Motorsports: good?

    Anyone done business with or have an opinion about Clearbrook Motorsports (in Abbotsford)?

    They have a used bike I'm interested in, but curious about the dealership's rep. Don't know anything about them, and I want to stay away from Daytona type places.

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    My friend bought his GSXR1000 from them and he was happy with their service. That's all I know though

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    I bought my bike from there. I was happy with their service. Ed's a super nice guy. They've definitely gone the extra mile for me. Tell them that Dave, "the R6 guy" sent you. They'll know who you're talking about.


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    Its been a few years, but I used to bring my R1 from Vancouver all the way out there, just to have Sean Smythe work on it. Don't know if he's still working out there, but if he is, its worth the trip. Super nice guy, former AMA Superbike racer. And most important, he really knows his stuff (both engine and suspension setup).

    edit: BTW, Clearbrook Yamaha is the shop I'm talking about.
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    How about maple ridge kawi or what ever it is? i went there to look at a bike when sen fiddy was shoppin around...actually there were two bike shops in maple ridge and both of them were fucks.

    anyone else found this?

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    I think the store that johan is asking about is the Kawasaki dealer not Clearbrook Yamaha/Suzuki. Sorry you had a bad experiance at our dealership rearwheelrider I would like to speak to you about that to see were we could improve your next visit.
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    Clearbrook is a good dealership. I've bought lots of stuff there, but never a bike. I've only heard to steer clear of the Kawasaki dealer in Abby. Apparently, according to my sources, the salespeople are not too nice and the prices are a bit higher.
    Now Maple Ridge Motorsports, well, I can never say enough kind things about them!!
    I bought my first Kawi there last year and even though I ride a Honda now, I keep going back because everyone there is so good.
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    While I decided to get a new ZX6R last year at Burnaby Kawasaki, I was told by a friend of mine that Maple Ridge Kawi is THE place to get a used bike. They are like the Ying to Carter Granville's Yang. (Can you tell I don't like Carter Granvile???)

    Anyway, I have bought a set of flush mounts for my bike at Maple Ridge and they were super nice.

    I was talking to Troy (I think) when I was there. Super nice guy, I would buy from him.

    An idea might be to call all the reputable shops and tell them what sort of bike and what price range you want to pay.

    Might save a bit of search time.

    Good luck!
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    I have bought 2 bikes off Troy and some gear and have only great things to say about them and their staff. The new owners at Clearbrook Kawi are also good.

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